​​We all like to look our best, but applying cosmetics every day takes time, energy, and money. When you can't afford to keep buying makeup or don't have the time to put it on every morning, let me help you out. I am certified and experienced in providing permanent makeup services, so come in today.

I have been making my clients look and feel beautiful and confident for over 15 years. I apply individualized permanent makeup that is unique for each client.  My salon is in Reidsville, but I am proud to service the entire Greensboro, North Carolina area.

Gain Confidence and Beauty

Permanent makeup is a delicate cosmetic technique that applies pigments under the skin to give the appearance of makeup. It's similar to the tattooing process, and it can be used to enhance the eyebrows, lips, and eyes. The end result can last for years.

I am a certified and licensed permanent makeup professional. I have completed programs on permanent makeup, which means you know you can trust me to enhance your natural features. My application process is detailed and catered to your individual looks. Together, we will choose colors that suite your desired outcome, and then I will meticulously apply them to your satisfaction.

The effects of the procedure will appear slightly darker after application but fade slightly in the following days to the desired shade and intensity. Permanent makeup can last for years, which means you save years of money and time you might spend on buying and applying cosmetics while still looking and feeling beautiful. My quality guarantee promises that you will find new confidence and beauty after my services.

Make an Appointment Today

You can see a detailed list of my permanent makeup products and services below. To make an appointment or ask questions, call me at 336-907-5000 or message me online. I look forward to meeting you.​

Microblading/Microstrokes/Hairstrokes/3D Brows:  $500

This is the best service for those who:

          1.  have sparse eyebrows

          2.  have spotty eyebrows

          3.  have scarring

          4.  have fewer eyebrows hair than desired

          5.  would like a natural look that resembles actual hair strokes

          6.  would like to fill in their eyebrows where necessary

Eyebrows Shading/ Powder Blend Eyebrows:  $500

This technique would best fit you if you often wear makeup and would like for your makeup not to rub off.  By not having to fill in your eyebrows everyday, you will have more time to sleep and less worries of eyebrows rubbing off.

​Lash LIft & TINT:  $95

This procedure uses all your natural lashes.  This is not eyelash extensions. Think of it as 45 minutes of relaxation time during which your lashes are safely curled up and colored to provide a more awake look and the appearance of longer, darker lashes. The result is beautiful lashes and awake lookin eyes every day when you wake up.

Eyeliners:  $500 or up (tops & bottoms); $350 (tops or bottoms only)

Imagine waking up with makeup. Your eyeliners will already be on and ready. Eyeliners can give you the more awake and refreshed look.  Your eyeliners will not smear or smudge. No more stretching your eyes every morning. This will significantly decrease your chance of developing eye wrinkles. Stay looking younger and longer with permanent eyeliners !

Lip Blush/Color: $500

  1. more definition around their lips
  2.  better lip lines
  3.  correct or hide any lip scarring or unevenness
  4.  fuller looking lips           

1.  Is it annoying when you constantly have to check the mirror for

          lipstick teeth stains?

2.  Could you save so much time by not having to apply and reapply

         lipstick throughout the day?

3.  Could your lips have more definition?

4.  Would you like fuller looking lips?

5.  Is there any spot/s on or around your lips that you would like to improve?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then getting lip color would be for you.

​This is a tattoo and lasts about 3 years or more depending on factors such as client's natural lips health, existing lip color, age, smoker vs. nonsmoker, exposure of daily uv rays, etc


Permanent Makeup and Microblading in Greensboro, NC