​​​​​​​​​​​​PERMANENT MAKEUP is more commonly known as cosmetic tattooing, or semi-permanent makeup. It is a way to add pigment where needed to help you look better and younger.  It can help you cut down the time you spend putting makeup on everyday.  It is a realistic way for you to wake up with your makeup already on.  Ultimately, it is a confidence booster !

PERMANENT MAKEUP lasts a long time but not forever.  As the outer layer of your skin exfoliates daily due to exposure to sun, use of tanning beds, swimming, and use of exfoliating facial creams, the inserted pigments will get lighter and fade over time. Once you see how you could naturally look better everyday, you will want to get touch ups every once in a while to maintain the achieved fresher, younger, better look.

​For those of you looking for a way to maintain a youthful appearance but are apprehensive about surgery, micropigmentation is your answer. It can give you the benefits of a facelift without a facelift !


  •    CONVENIENCE:  reduce the time it takes to get your makeup ready.  Enables clients with medical

           conditions to wake up with makeup.

  •    NON-ALLERGIC:  certain skin types are sensitive and can easily react to traditional makeup ingredients.
  •    ANTI-AGING:  micropigmentation can enhance the positives and disguise the negatives of aging such

           as uneven lip lines, and saggy eyebrows with no arch.

  •    NO MORE SMEARS:  Your eyebrows will not rub off, eyeliners will not smear, and lipstick will last.
  •    LOOK NATURAL: look beautiful naturally all the time with no daily effort.
  • ​   KEEP ACTIVE:  no more interruptions to your active lifestyles outdoors. Whether you are an athlete or

           simply enjoy working out and sweating with no worries, micropigmentation can ensure your makeup 

           will look good throughout the day.

  • ​   MEDICAL CONDITIONS:  restore your natural look after hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents,

           burns, or surgery.  Additionally, arthritis may prevent you from comfortably apply your daily makeup.

  •    COLOR CORRECTION: scar camouflage, stretch marks corrections, aereola repigmentation, and cleft lip


  •    SKIN DISCOLORATION:  certain conditions can change the skin color.  Micropigmentation can restore the

           desired color.

  •    SAVE MONEY: invest in yourself once and save money on repeated purchases of eyebrow​ 

​​           powder, eyebrows pencils, eyeliner pencils, and lipsticks.


Kim Dao Permanent Makeup

​Formerly: Micropigmentation By Kim